To help insure a successful breeding program we offer the following services:

But First....

  • Using a veterinarian to perform artificial or surgical insemination DOES NOT GUARANTEE A PREGNANCY.
  • Select one person for us to talk with. When we have to answer the same questions about one animal to several different owners, it makes us cranky.  ALSO the one person's decisions will be followed. 
  • We cannot give out information to non-owners about specific bitches, studs, or breeders you are doing business with.
  • If you want to see us REALLY cranky...waiting until the last minute to contact us about breeding your girl. When you know you will be breeding, go ahead and give us a courtesy call. ALSO make sure everything is set with the stud owner in advance...
  • When you schedule a C-section or artificial insemination and don’t show up, we are not pleased. On a consistent basis our schedule is booked days in advance. Someone else would have gladly taken your appointment slot. When you are a “no show”, we lose money. We give of ourselves day in and day out for your pets, but in the end this is a business. We have bills and salaries to pay.
  • We perform artificial(AI), transervical, and surgical inseminations
  • Brucellosis testing is highly suggested before any breeding is done.  We do the initial test inhouse. Brucellosis testing is done on all stud dogs before collecting.
  • If we will be shipping frozen semen for you, we need 1-2 weeks' notice. We only have a limited number of shipping tanks and must coordinate accordingly.
  • Always have a backup plan when shipping in semen. A local stud is recommended.


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